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Our three-step process

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You must be:

16 or over to register in England (you can register once you're over 14 in Scotland & Wales)

And one of the following:

> a British citizen
> an Irish or EU citizen living in the UK
a Commonwealth citizen who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need permission
> a citizen of another country living in Scotland or Wales who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need permission

The information you'll need to complete the registration:

Your nationality
> Your Date of Birth
> Your full name as it appears on official documents
> Your National Insurance number, if you don't have this you'll have to send proof of ID and this can delay registration
> Your full address
> Your address histrory for the last 12 months
> A way for them to contact you, so either an email address, phone number or address

​​Options you'll be given:

> Do you want to opt out of the ‘open register’?

The electoral register lists the name and address of everyone who’s registered to vote. You can opt out of the open register (this is the version of the register that’s available to anyone who wants to buy a copy). Opting out will not affect your right to vote.

> Do you want to apply for a postal vote?

This takes the pressure off of getting to the polls on election day, but also takes away the excitement of getting to the polls on election day. It is straightforward to change your preference so just pick what you want to do for the next election.

Ready ?

YAY you're registered to vote!!!

Let's get as many young voices heard as we can! Share your new status as a registered voter on your social media and tag us so we can share it too!

Ideas for your post:

1. Make a poster saying 'I've just registered to vote, will you?' and take a selfie.
2. Use one of our templates for Instagram and Twitter.

3. Don't forget to personalise your post & tell us why voting matters to you!

4. Don't forget to tag us

5. We're using the following hastags:

#ihaveavoice #MyVoiceMyVote #LocalMatters #elections2021

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