Our Team

Rebecca Deegan

Founder & Director of I have a voice

I 've worked in policy and public affairs for almost a decade and worked on campaigns at the local, national and global-level. I set-up ‘I have a voice’ after reflecting on my own experience of leaving further education politicially ignorant and unequipped to confidently articulate my views, especially if they were challenged.

I stumbled across a profession that showed me there are lots of parliamentary mechanisms that enable citizens to push for change. In a time where political discourse can be divisive, I want to show young people how they can use existing democratic processes to raise their voices in a way that promotes open-mindedness and compassion, and leads to effective action.

Usman Ali

Programmes Manager

I am a proud British Pakistani with a wealth of experience in the Higher Education Sector (King's College London & Goldsmiths, University of London), and expert knowledge of not just how British politics operates but also that of Pakistani, Indian & American political systems.

My background has enabled me to understand the world through a variety of different perspectives, and this helps me to see how barriers to social, political & economic changes can be overcome.

I joined IHAV to support its growth because it is important that everyone's voices are heard by decision-makers.

In my spare time, I am a keen reader, writer, campaigner, walker and karak chai enthusiast.