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Bringing politics to life.

I have a voice brings professionals from the political sphere to the classroom to:

  • equip young people with the tools and confidence to speak up on the issues that matter to them and their communities; and

  • consider a range of rewarding careers in politics and policymaking.

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Our Educational Programmes

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I have a voice shows young people how they can engage with the political system, hold elected officials to account and make their voices heard across a range of pressing social challenges.

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I have a voice works delivers in-person and online sessions in line with the OFSTED Framework for British Values, Citizenship and A-level Politics.


I have a voice's programme is designed to empower people by developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to speak up about the things that matter most to them and their communities.

Our Corporate Partners




Offer paid internships

& work experience



Give career &

campaign advice


Share their network

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