I have a voice

Empowering people to engage with politics through education

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You lead, we deliver

  • Each course is tailored to meet your needs:
  • The sessions are based on the issues identified by your young people.
  • We adapt to suit your approach to teaching.

We can deliver our sessions in-person and in real-time online to help you get back to school safely & respond to any current or future COVID-19 measures.


I have a voice shows young people how they can engage with the political system, hold elected officials to account and make their voices heard across a range of pressing social challenges.


I have a voice works with schools and youth groups to provide in-person and online sessions to enhance political literacy in line with the OFSTED Framework for British Values and Citizenship Curriculum.


I have a voice's programme is designed to empower people by developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to speak up about the things that matter most to them.


The programme will support young people to:

  • Articulate what makes an issue important to them and how they can create a compelling narrative.
  • Understand how they can use the political system e.g. Select Committees, All-Party Parliamentary Groups etc. to effectively campaign on their issue
  • Create a persuasive call to action that reflects the different roles of MPs e.g. Ministers, backbenchers and the Opposition.


  • You will have access to resources and ongoing support for the rest of the academic year.
  • We offer teacher training on political lobbying.
  • Your students can join our youth ambassadors.

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