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Just click on an image and it will take you to step-by-step instructions for running and planning the session with links to slides, worksheets, videos etc. all at your fingertips. All we ask in return is that you send us an email afterwards and let us know how you got on along with any suggestions you have for future resources.

What politicial issues matter to you?

Ths lesson plan gets young people talking about politics and the issues that matter to them. This is a great foundation for planning future lessons with their priorities in mind.


Black Lives Matter (produced 5 June 2020)

A lesson plan to talk to students about the Black Lives Matter campaign and the role of different political actions, including protests and petitions.

Anita Wellcome

Interview with Anita Krishnamurthi: Listening to the science

Anite id the Head of Education & Learning at Wellcome. Here we discuss the role of science and evidence in policymaking and what Wellcome is doing to tackle the biggest health challenges facing society.

Write to your MP

A template for you to follow to write a compelling and persuasive letter to your MP. The template provides guidance on the research that needs to be undertaken to make your letter relevant and actionable.

Interview with Hannan Sarwar: Being a young local councillor

Hannan Sarwar is the youngest muslim councillor in England being elected to Wilmslow Town Council at age 18. He tells us what inspired him to get involved in politics and the importance of diversity in politics.

Interview with Matt Hawkins: Reimagining political discourse

Compassion has the power to change politics. From inequality to homelessness, divisions over Brexit to refugees dying at sea - imagine how these issues would be tackled if compassion was the main motivation for policymakers!

Stakeholder mapping

Who has an interest in the political issue that matters to you? More importantly who has the power to make a change? What level of interest & influence does your MP have?

Call to Action

Create a compelling call to action. Understand who can make and influence decisions and what you can ask them to do on your behalf e.g. commit funding, hold a debate, meet with you & much more...

20.10.08 Interview with Lucy Stephens The New School

Interview with Lucy Stephens: Democracy in education

The New School gives students a voice in their education and structures their curriculum to develop students' self-esteem and confidence in their ability to influence their learning and environment.

The Cabinet & their Shadows

A deck of cards to help you explain the roles of Cabinet Ministers, their departments & their Shadows, alongside an explainer on the relationship between them.


Interview with two civil servants: What's the role of the civil service?

Two civil servants talk about their careers and the civil service's role in public policy. We cover being non-party-political and diversity. They also give some top tips for advocates.

Youth tracker

Manifesto Tracker

Vote for Policies maintains a tracker on how the Government is doing against its manifesto commitments. This includes info on the evironment, mental health & lowering the voting age (& much more)...