Putting Politics into Action

Our core multi-session programme

We've developed an informative and fun way to get young people clued up about how politics works. We start out by giving the students space to articulate their own views, before considering the views of others and critically analysing information about their issue. We then take this issue-based knowledge and investigate what's happening in Parliament. Together we identify political hooks that they can use to raise their voices and key political stakeholders who can help them to take action on their issue.

Our approach enhances their political literacy as well as developing their oracy, critical thinking and empathy. But most of all we develop their confidence in, and enthusiasm for, a lifetime of political participation.

100% of the schoools that have run this programme have come back for more...

Our programme supports the delivery of Politics, Citizenship & PHSE. It helps meet OFSTED Framework, SMSC and Fundamental British Values requirements.

We tailor the sessions to your students' political literacy and the societal and environmental issues that matter to them.

We do our utmost to arrange a virtual Q&A between your students & a politician (we're yet to fail) & if requested include a session on careers in politics.

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