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Gemserv partners with I Have a Voice

Over a 12 month programme Gemserv and its partners will collaborate with IHAV to work with up to 20 young people. The support is specifically designed to provide opportunities such as internships, mentoring, work experience, career talks and career information, enabling young individuals to experience the world of work and gain insights into the processes of policymaking from inception to implementation.

This collaboration centres around supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those receiving free school meals, entitled to the pupil premium, or those with family members or caregivers receiving means-tested benefits.

The collaboration is between the Gemserv team and its partners that are delivering the Heat Networks Efficiency Scheme (HNES). This initiative is part of a wider social value programme aimed at tackling income inequality, unemployment, and creating new jobs and skills. Gemserv and its partners are committed to leaving a legacy through the HNES scheme in terms of upskilling and creating employment opportunities for those facing barriers to work.

David Hiller, HNES Programme Director explained

Gemserv is proud to partner with I Have a Voice, enabling us and our HNES delivery partners to support up to 20 young people in engaging with the delivery of the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme and gaining workplace experience. I Have a Voice is an exceptional charity doing great work to connect young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with employers. We recognise that knowledge and experience of the workplace is critical in improving educational outcomes and creating employment opportunities. Heat Networks play a vital role in achieving net zero objectives, and it is a privilege to involve young people in delivering the HNES programme, equipping them with the skills and experience for green careers and a net zero future.

Rebecca Deegan, CEO and Founder of I Have a Voice emphasised

I Have a Voice is thrilled to be partnering with Gemserv to ensure that young people from all walks of life are able to access careers in the green economy. Everyone stands to benefit from widening the talent pool for UK businesses. This partnership puts into action our shared commitment to investing time and energy to support young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to access and thrive in a rewarding career.

Evidence suggests that disadvantaged students have worse educational outcomes than their peers. In 2019, 26.5% (144,000) of pupils in state-funded schools at the end of key stage 4 were disadvantaged. Of these pupils, just a quarter achieved English and Maths at grades 9-5, compared to half of non-disadvantaged pupils.[1] However, just 14% of variation in individuals’ performance is accounted for by school quality. Most variation is explained by other factors, underlining the need to look at the range of children’s experiences, inside and outside school, when seeking to raise achievement.[2] Out of school activities such as work experience, mentoring and internships can give students the work and life skills help to address these factors. Gemserv and its partners are proud to be partnering with I Have a Voice to support young people to address the disadvantage gap and support our social value commitments.

About Gemserv

Gemserv is at the forefront of developments in the energy transition, focusing on delivering meaningful impact and market transformation supporting the journey to a low carbon economy. They deliver impact working across their projects, from implementation and policy delivery and management of trade associations through to education and communication about the environmental benefits of technologies.

They are part of a consortium of companies including Turner and Townsend, Ramboll and LuxNova delivering the HNES scheme, which provides funding to upgrade district heating systems and heat networks to help them operate more efficiently.

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