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Why we need your support!

  • We are looking for meaningful long-term partnerships that make a tangible difference to the diversity of our profession.
  • Our partners will help us reach those communities whose voices are most marginalised and missing from political discourse.
  • Your support will enable us to campaign for political education for all.

GK Strategy is our founding corporate partner. We work with our partners to offer their employees meaningful volunteering opportunities and provide our Ambassadors with work exprience and internship opportunities.

A grant from the Josepth Rowntree Reform Trust's UK Democracy Fund enabled us to reach over 10,000 young people in the lead up to the 2021 local elections.

The NHS Clinical Commissioners recruited their summer intern from IHAV's Youth Ambassadors. We make sure our ambassadors are internship ready and the support of organisations enables us to provide training and opportunities to young people who most stand to benefit.

GK Strategy
We are delighted to be working with truly inspiring I have a voice and would thoroughly recommend to colleagues across the public affairs industry. With a majority female management team at GK, supporting greater diversity into politics and communications really matters to us. Our staff are really motivated and inspired to support IHAV's ambassadors in their powerful campaigns and have held sessions on media training and developing content. I cannot stress enough the positive impact supporting IHAV has had on GK. We all have a responsibility to help shape the next generation of communications professionals – get involved! Robin Grainger, CEO GK Strategy

If you're interested in investing in the future generation of the public affairs profession get in touch. rebecca@ihaveavoice.org.uk.