Get registered!

Only have 2 minutes? Form time? You're lucky and you can dedicate a whole lesson? We have you covered!


  1. What do local councils do?
  2. Why do they matter?
  3. Why is voting important?
  4. How do I register?

A 2 minute video designed to show young people how to register and motivate them to do so. If you have time why not follow it with a discussion on barriers to registering, what they would do to overcome those barriers, and of course give them time to register!


We're running a series of Q&A events with councillors from up and down the country & political spectrum to bring to life what they do and why they matter.

Get informed!

How to find out who is standing for election & assess whether they share your views.

Downloadable resource pack

Have time to do more?

Two lesson plans

Two lesson plans with slides & speaking notes for workshops 1 and 3.

Hear from local councillors

A schedule of live Q&As via Teams and in-depth interviews on Instagram with councillors from across the political spectrum and across the country.

Live online workshops

We are offering a free live interactive lesson on voter registration & how to research candidates before heading to the polls.


We'll write to the winning candidates about your priorities for your local community.