I have a voice

Our Priorities

Engage . Educate . Empower

Our Vision

A future where young people, from all backgrounds, engage with politics and go on to become active citizens.

A future where politics is representative of the UK's population, with proportionate representation from all segments of the population.

A future where there is space for all voices to be heard and debated with compassion and respect.

Our Values

Stay curious: Ask why, challenge the status quo

Be open-minded: Respect the views of others, even if you do not share their perspective

Be evidence-based: Seek multiple sources of information that both support and challenge your own views

Our Mission

Engage people with politics by showing them how they can take action on the issues that matter most to them.

Educate people on the political system to increase political literacy.

Empower people to speak up and have impact.

Our Story

I have a voice

I have a voice’s aim is to increase participation in politics. Our method is providing professional political and campaigning experience input to schools and youth groups. We are passionate about equipping young people with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to be an active citizen. The sessions and resources are designed to empower young people by giving them the confidence to articulate their views with confidence; and to respond constructively and respectfully when challenged. By working in partnership with schools and youth groups we are striving to increase political literacy in a way that works for you and the young people that you work with.