Write to your MP

A template for you to follow to write a compelling and persuasive letter to your MP. The template provides guidance on the research that needs to be undertaken to make your letter relevant and actionable.

Anita Wellcome

Interview with Anita Krishnamurthi: Listening to the evidence

Anita is the Head of Education & Learning at Wellcome. Here we discuss the role of science and evidence in policymaking and what Wellcome is doing to tackle the biggest health challenges facing society.

Stakeholder mapping

Who has an interest in the political issue that matters to you? More importantly who has the power to make a change? What level of interest & influence does your MP have?


Local election bumper pack

This resource pack has two lesson plans on voter registration and researching your candidates. It also has some short videos that are ideal for form time. If you'd like a personalised set of slides about the elections in your area just ask.