Let's tackle fast-fashion

The fashion industry comprises 10% of all global carbon emissions. It is urgent that the fashion industry drastically changes the way it produces clothing, waste management systems do more to recycle textiles, and consumers are encouraged to avoid fashion as it is not sustainable. Read our full response to the Environment Audit Committee inquiry 'fixing fashion' here...

Meeting with Cat Smith MP, Shadow Minister for Young People & Voter Engagement
2020-12-16 Cat Smith MP

Read our full response to the Work & Pension Committee's inquiry into the disability employment gap.


Call for evidence: Ethnic disparities and inequality

Children become aware of race in their early years, and can therefore develop racist beliefs at this age too. In order to combat the gestation of such beliefs, schools need to teach racial diversity from a young age. Read our full response.

IHAV Social Media Post

How can we improve democracy in the UK?

This Commission has been tasked with making proposals to restore trust in the UK's institutions and in how our democracy operates. Read our response here...


How should GCSE, AS & A-levels be awarded in 2021?


Our Justice 4 You campaigners submitted two responses to Runnymede Trust's shadow report assessing the Government’s implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) on behalf of civil society organisations. One of the responses is about the national curriculum and the second is about the racist rhetoric prevelant during th Brexit Referendum.