Your vote is your voice

Make sure it is heard in the 2021 local elections


On 6 May 2021 elections will take place across the UK. I have a voice has received funding from the UK Democracy Fund to get more young people voting in England's Local Council elections. If you're a teacher, or part of a youth group, and think all young people should be given the knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to cast an informed vote in May then we want to hear from you. Our programme is aimed at 16 to 18 year olds in England and has three simple steps that are outlined below. We provide all of the resources & will lead a short series of live online sessions, including a Q&A with local councillor candidates.

Our three-step process


Step 1: ENGAGE - Register to vote

Click here to find out what information you'll need to register to vote. We've also uploaded some posters and social media posts that you can use to encourage more young people to register. Young people are significantly less likely to be registered to vote - let's change that!

EDUCATE Coming soon

Step 2: EDUCATE - Why local elections matter

Sign-up to join our live online sessions that will be running in the lead up to the local elections. Our downloadable resource pack is coming soon! Click here to register and make sure you receive it.

EMPOWER coming soon

Step 3: EMPOWER - Go vote!

Together, we'll - create a plan for election day; encourage others to vote; discuss what to do if you're a postal voter; and write to the winning candidates about your views on what they should prioritise.

This project is possible because of funding from the UK Democracy Fund


We're also working with a number of partners to try and reach as many young people as possible

British Youth Council
Compassion in Politics
Smart Schools Council
Young Citizens