Your vote is your voice

Make sure it is heard in the 2021 local elections


On 6 May 2021 elections will (hopefully) take place across the UK. I have a voice has received funding from the UK Democracy Fund to get more young people voting in England's Local Council elections. If you're a teacher, or part of a youth group, and think all young people should be given the knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to cast an informed vote in May then get in touch.

Our three-step process

Step 1: ENGAGE - Register to vote

Info on voter registration (hyper link image as well + QR COde) Need to make sure can collect stats on who clicks the link. Download Register to vote poster. Social media photos about being registered to vote.

Step 2: EDUACTE - Download our resource pack or sign-up to our online sessions (perhaps start with sign-up then change to download)....

Don't forget to add a pop-up box to collect info on everyone who downloads the resource pack

Step 3: EMPOWER - Election Day....

Create a plan.... share on social media..... What to do if you're a postal voter...

Neon Green and Purple Voter Education Flyers

Section here on comms partners.....

Section here on where you can find info on the other elections.