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I have a voice ambassadors who are campaigning for News to Reuse - clothing labels to include information that would enable customers to know the environmental impact of that garment, and that the human rights of all workers in the supply chain are being protected; and for fact fashion to be included in the National Curriculum.

Will you write to your MP and ask them to take action to tackle fast-fashion?

(age 17)

I decided to become an 'I have a voice' ambassador as the idea of speaking out on political issues that I care about really appealed to me yet I never knew where to start. Being an ambassador has enabled me to start a campaign with a group of like-minded students against the social and environmental impacts of fact fashion and equipped me with skills thatare sure to benefit me in my future career!

(age 17)

I chose to work with I have a voice because with the current politcal climate I realised how important it is to get involved and to have a say in how the world works. My favourite part of politcal campaigning is that you can take it in any direction; you can be as creative as you wish. I have enjoyed being a part of I have a voice, as it is really empowering and you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on society.


I have a voice ambassadors who are campaigning for Justice 4 You - changes to the National Curriculum to reflect a greater diversity of thought and accounts of history.

(age 17)

I have always loved politics and wanted to gain an understanding of working in the politics world, so I joined the world experience programme on social policy with 'I have a voice'. I am most passionate about equality and human rights, which is why we set up the campaign 'Justive 4 You', to make racism and immigration compulsory on the National Curriculum, for a more representative education. I would really recommend becoming an Ambassador, as the experience and opportunities are amazing!


I have a voice ambassadors who are campaigning for Disability Confident - encouraging the government to do more to make sure that buisnesses feel confident employing people with disabilities.

(age 18)

I joined I have a voice to meet other like-minded, politically engaged young people and gain an insight into a career in politcs. During my week-long placement, my team was able to build a polital campaign from starch with the fantastic support and knowledge Rebecca provided for our campaign. From this, our campaign to promote the Disability Confident Scheme has led to a successful meeting with the Minister for Disabled People and officials from the Department of Work and Pensions.

(age 18)

I have a voice had enabled me to feel more confident about my participation within politics. I've been able to address and spark action with UK Government against an issue that personally matters to me. I'm looking forward to see where this'll take me! Thank you!

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