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Check out these insights from different roles in politics - there are more opportunities than you may think!

Public Affairs (agency)

Public Affairs agencies advise a range of clients across a whole range of policy areas from health, to education, to financial services. This interview by Fatima Yusuf with Yashshri Soman includes some top tips for those interested in starting out in a career in public affairs.

Civil Service

We interviewed two civil servants - Kelly & Victoria - about the role of the civil service and what it is like to work for the government. They have both worked in multiple government departments from Education to Defence. You can watch it here.

Work experience

One of our Ambassadors, Anna, had the opportunity to gain work experience at GK Strategy - a public affairs agency. You can read all about it here.

Working on issues that matter!

We interviewed Emily Auckland about her work on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of engaging business leaders with the sustainability agenda.

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